Course Description: This course is designed for kids who have no knowledge of the game of chess. This level is the beginning of the students journey to chess; therefore, it is highly important to start their learning the right way. This step-by-step method of learning is very popular to countries that are considered the very best in the world.  


Learning Outcomes: Students will learn the basics of chess along with the following materials:


The concept of Attack, Defense, and Safety will be covered throughout the course.


Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Chessboard and Pawn Movement (introduction to En Passant)

Lesson 2: Rook 

Lesson 3: Bishop

Lesson 4: Queen

Lesson 5: Knight

Lesson 6: King (when a king is under check, how to get out of check, concept of checkmate)

Lesson 7: Special Moves/Rules: castling, pawn promotion, draw, touch move 

Lesson 8: Play a complete game of chess

Lesson 9: Basic Checkmate (King and Rook vs King and King + Queen vs King)

Lesson 10: Value of the pieces and En Passant 

Lesson 11: Introduction to the Three Phases of the Game (opening, middlegame, endgame)

Lesson 12: Chess Tournament Rules 










Start Chess the Right Way

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